Welcome to KS2's class



Spring term: Our topic is 'The Blitz', the children have been busy studying the Second World War.

They have been learning about people's lives during the war. Also, they have been learning about famous people during the war such as Winston Churchill and Anne Frank.

Click here to read a biography about Anne Frank. 

Here are the pupils enjoying a show about the Blitz by the company 'Mewn Cymeriad.' 


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Summer term: We are looking forward to studying the topic 'Beast Creator.' 


Important information to remember: 

  • PE on Thursday - remember to bring your kit every week. 
  • Spelling test on Tuesday - remember to learn the words ready. 
  • Remember to complete your homework by the date given to you. 
  • Encourage your child to read daily. 
  • Remember to practice your times tables so that you are confident with them.